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Too little, too late

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Today started out so good. It was better than good actually...nothing spectacular happened, but I was just in a good mood. And now...and now I don't know what's wrong. This is so stupid. Sometimes I wish I just weren't me. I'm paranoid right now, that's what's wrong. I'm ridiculously paranoid. The little horror fantasies playing themselves out in my head are just that...they aren't real and have a minute possibility of coming into reality. My reason knows this, however, it must not be talking to the rest of my mind. I take things way too personally. I'm really self-centered when you think about it. All these things revolve around me & things I did, as if that's people's only motivation. I make myself sick. Why do I always make it about myself? Well, that's not completely true. It's only about me when it's something bad. Good things - external attributes; bad things - internal attributes. Haha...listen to the crazy girl's psycho-babble. I HATE this. I just want to be home.

Sorry that my first entry in 3 months is so unhappy. I guess I only write to get through the bad. I don't need therapy for the good.
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