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Vivacious is not the adjective to use

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This week was super full of activities and events. It seems as though last Friday was an eternity ago. It's not as though anything ground-breaking has happened, but dynamics have definitely changed. Granted, dynamics between friends are always changing but the changes this week have been less subtle than usual. Plus, I realized that because of college, a majority of my time MUST be spent around people. If I'm not around people for too long (approximately a half-day or longer) I begin to feel depressed and approach paranoia. Haha. It's pretty bad.

I think I have my crush for the summer. We work together and he's adorable. We've flirted a bit, but it's more coworker flirting than interest flirting. It probably wont amount to much, but I now have eye candy and something to look forward to at work. :) It makes me happy and that's what matters. I like having crushes. They're a lot of fun even though mine don't amount to much (generally speaking). I really don't mind though. Crushes are the most fun because the object of the crush is perfect in your mind. If you move past the point of crush into dating and a potential relationship, whoever the object of the crush is can no longer be perfect. You get to know him/her and in so doing, learn their faults. Either you can get past them or you can't but believing that the person is perfect is the most fun stage of the whole relationship process in my opinion.

I have work tomorrow morning. I don't know whether I'm looking forward to it or not. On one hand, I'll be around people and I like being around people. However, on the other, I'll have to count money and my hand still hasn't recovered from counting money today. Even as I type it's cramping up on me and I haven't been typing or even on the computer that much today. Ah, well, I think I'm sort of looking forward to work because I will be getting paid for it and I could use all the money I could get. And on that note, I think I'm going to turn in early so I run a low risk of oversleeping - especially since mom's away for the weekend so if I oversleep, I'll just be screwed. Later.
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