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I have no idea why but 11:30 seems extremely late tonight. It's strange because the other night 2:00 a.m. felt early. And now I'm watching Will and Grace and wondering why, why, why. I'm tired and unwilling to go to bed. Yesterday, I went with Kaylyn up to Nicole's house to see the baby flying squirrels that her brother brought home and that she's now taking care of. They were absolutely adorable!! They were so little they still didn't have their eyes open. And I had fun hanging out with Kay and Nicole. We talked a lot and went to Rita's. I've missed my friends so much. It's so nice to be back with people that know all my faults and don't care.

While we were hanging out, we decided that we should plan little outings to different places. I hope we actually follow through because it would be a ton of fun. I'm so excited because Jenn'll be coming home tomorrow and a bunch of us are planning to go to the high school concert on Thursday. It'll be fun because we'll probably hang out afterward. I can't think of much to write about so I think I'll call it a night. Later.
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